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G3 Series Battery Forklift Truck with Two Front Drive Wheels


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Heli is one of the world's leading manufacturer in material handling equipment and solution.

Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. (Heli) is the leading enterprise of material handling equipment in China. The company received many certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14000, National First Class Safety Quality Standardization Enterprise, etc. The “HELI” brand is recognized as the “Excellent Trade Mark”; by the Ministry of Commerce as the “Emphasized Export Brand Name”; by the Chinese Electrical & Mechanical Business Association as the “Reputable Export Brand”; by the Chinese Customs Authority as the “2005 Honor List of Import & Export Enterprises”, and is assessed as the “No. 1 Chinese Forklift Brand”. Heli is also  “Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technical Center” named jointly by the National Economic Development Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the General Customs Authority, and the National Revenue Bureau.
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  • 1958

    HELI is founded in 1958
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1st Forklift Manufacturer in China For 31 Consecutive Years     7th Forklift Manufacturer in the World